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About Algorithmics
It is the fastest growing international programming school for children, with over 300,000 students in more than 40 countries.

It has received multiple awards and recognition, including Forbes magazine and Global Ed-tech startups awards competition.

It teaches children the essential skills of programming in English, the two international languages vital to success in the 21st century.
Why Algorithmics?
Algorithmics has a unique, interactive, learning online platform that can be accessed 24/7.

Our tutors provide a tailored learning experience considering the children's programming knowledge, communication skills and interests.

Our courses motivate students to broaden their knowledge in interdisciplinary fields such as astronomy and biology.

Our main language is English and we offer courses for beginner to advanced English learners. Our tutors can also communicate in Japanese, Korean, Mongolian, and Spanish.
Tailored learning for your child
Small learning groups of up to 6 kids, meaning tutors can spend more time helping your child develop.
Interactive game format makes learning fun.
Courses that work for your schedule
Choose a day and a time in the week/weekend to take the classes.
On-site and Online classes available.
Comparison with competitors
Courses for children from 5 to 17 years old
32 lessons a year, 4 lessons a month*
Courses monthly fee
Class duration

90 min

45 min
Online Course


On-site course


Free Introductory lesson (Coding Knight, Mars Academy, Python Start):
Algorithmics weekly schedule 2021
Weekdays from 5pm - 8 pm.
* Taxes included. Course and lesson duration varies (Courses from 1 to 2 academic years, lessons from 45 min to 90 min), please visit the "Courses" section for more details. Discounts may apply.
Classes currently open: Weekends from 10am to 8pm.
Weekends from 10 am - 8 pm.
Coding Knight for 5-7 years old:
Saturday 16: 00 - 16: 45:
__ Beginners・Medium English level (On - site).
Sunday 16: 00 - 16: 45:
__ Beginners English level (On - site).

Mars Academy for 8-12 years old:
Thursday 15: 30 - 17: 00:
__ Medium・Advanced English level (On - site).
Sunday 14: 00 - 15:30:
__ Medium・Advanced English level (On - site).

Python Start for 11-13 years old:
Friday 17: 30 - 19: 00.
__ Advanced English level (Online).
Saturday 20: 00 - 21: 30:
__ Beginners・Medium English level (Online).
Sunday 16: 00 - 17: 30:
__ Beginners・Medium English level (On - site).
New classes starting soon:
Mars Academy for 8-12 years old:
Saturday 14: 00 - 15: 30:
__ Beginners・Medium English level (Online).
2 ways your child can learn programming with us:
On-site: Your child can study with our tutors at our Futakotamagawa location.

Online: Your child can study with our tutors online (Algorihtmics platform or Zoom).
Algorithmics Platform
Algorithmics unique, interactive, learning platform can be accessed 24/7 (offline learning).

Algorithmics platform implements gamified practice and project-based learning.

From 6 to 12 modules, 400+ exercises, 100+ creative projects, 30+ educational videos. On average, a student develops six projects in each course.

Trusted content created by experts and professionals who want to make learning simple, exciting, and fun.
Algorithmics platform provides a strong technical education:
Platform activities______________Workbook
Choose a Course
Mars Academy
Students build creative projects from simple animation to the development of games and cartoons, developing logical and algorithmic thinking.
8–12 years old (beginner programmer)
5 - 7 years old (beginner programmer)
Students learn programming on tablets and in workbooks. Tutors conduct games aimed to teach the basics of algorithms and programming.
Coding Knight
11–13 years old (intermediate to advanced programmer)
Students will work out the basic concepts of algorithms and programming while learning the Python language, specific to the IT world. They will try different areas of software development.
Python Start
7–12 years old
Program of educational and creative activities for children from 7 to 12 years old for 1 to 2 weeks during school breaks.
Holiday camp
Our Team

After working as a sales and business development manager at an IT, media, and organizational/human resource consulting firm, he started his own business. He is a father of one child (elementary school student).

Kazu attended University of Washington in the US. After coming back to Japan,he established the Japan business for D2C brands from North America and then worked as a digital marketer for a global brand.
Now he is involved with various business such as IT, Cosmetics, Food & Beverages and specializes in business development, E-Commerce, and digital marketing.

Yungi is an undergraduate student at Waseda University, majoring in Mathematical Sciences (physics, math). He is interested in artificial intelligence, philosophy, and psychology, where he tries to interpret the knowledge to invent technologies that would help human society in the near future.

Duk is a Master’s student at Tokyo Institute of Technology. Now she is interested in genome editing and bioinformatics and does a research on cancer cells. She is really passion about genome data analysis, science, engineering

Laura is an Electronic engineering, currently Doctoral student from information and communication department at Tokyo Institute of Technology. She is interested in neuroscience, signal processing, digital electronics, consumer electronics, coding, and artificial intelligence.

David is from San Francisco, California and has lived in Japan for 10 years. He has a Master’s Degree in Education from Temple University, Tokyo campus, and his work has focused on program development in the US, Japan, and Myanmar.
Q: My child doesn’t have any programming experience. Is that ok?
A: No worries! Our courses and tutors accommodate all levels of ability.
Q: My child doesn't speak much English. Is that ok?
A: No problem! Our tutors can accommodate all levels of English ability.
Q: When can my child join a class?
A: Anytime! Our courses are open year round.
Q: How often are classes held?
A: Once a week on weekdays or weekends. Short-term courses during school breaks are also available.
Q: Who are your tutors?
A: Our tutors are bilingual university students studying at the top universities of Japan. They can teach in English, Japanese, Korean, Mongolian, and Spanish. They are proficient in multiple programming languages, and they are certified and trained to teach at Algorithmics school.
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