English programming school
opens in Futakotamagawa!

200,000 children study at Algorithmics in more than 35 countries around the world

English programming school opens in Futakotamagawa!

200,000 children study at algorithmics in more than 35 countries around the world
Questions? Chat with us
Questions? Chat with us
About Algorithmics
Algorithmics is an English international programming school for children between 5 - 17 years old. Combining online and offline classes, Algorithmics teaches the profession of the 21st century to children around the world.

Our school offers courses where the children learn creative and logical thinking, how to work in teams and much more in an exciting and playful way. At Algorithmics, we help children take their first steps in STEM.
Why Algorithmics?
Learn how to build computer programs.

Understand of how programming works.

Develop logical thinking, creativity and curiosity.

Build animations, games and computer apps.

Improve English communication skills.
Kids will level up their coding skills allowing them to:
How Algortihmics classes work
Courses for children from 5 to 17 years old
Tailored learning for your child
Interactive platform that allows your children to learn at their own pace.
Access to learning materials 24 hours a day.
Personalized approach
Small learning groups of up to 6 kids, meaning tutors can spend more time helping your child develop.
Interactive game format makes learning fun.
Courses that work for your schedule
Choose a day and a time in the week/weekend to take the classes.
Offline and Online classes available.
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Algorithmics Platform
Materials available 24/7.

Gamified practice and project-based learning.

Tailor lessons to meet the needs of every student.

Trusted content created by experts.

Professionals who want to make learning simple, exciting, and fun.
Algorithmics provides a strong technical education
Critical thinking is is universal and can be applied to everything, from mathematics and chemistry, to languages and humanities.
At Algorithms, children will learn the skills and thoughts that an entrepreneur needs to be effective in school life and subsequent career paths.
Development of critical thinking
Development of entrepreneurial skills
Algorithmics platform helps to develop the Skills of the 21st Century
Programming is one of the most needed skills of the 21st century. Even if children choose a career other than programmers in the future, their knowledge will be useful.
Rather than just making algorithms, the children rescue princesses, build rockets that fly into space, increasing children's curiosity and keep them motivated to learn.
Future-proofing career development
Nurturing imagination/curiosity
Choose a Course
Mars Academy
The children build creative projects from simple animation to the development of games and cartoons, developing logical and algorithmic thinking.
8–12 years old (1st grade ~ 6th grade)
5 - 7 years old (~ 1st grade)
The children study programming on tablets and in workbooks. The teachers conduct games aimed to understand the basics of algorithms and programming.
Coding Knight
11–13 years old (Elementary school upper grades to junior high school students)
The kids will work out the basic concepts of algorithms and programming while learning the Python language, immersing in the culture of the IT world. They will try different areas of software development.
Python Start
7–12 years old
Program of educational and creative activities for children from 7 to 12 years old for 5-10 days during school breaks.
Holiday camp
Our Tutors
Algorithmics works with Trusted professionals and caring teachers who are trained according to our methods
Algorithmics conducts three-stage interviews and selects excellent specialists in teaching programming to children.
Instructors are programming and code writing professionals with work experience with children.
Algorithmics provides training programs and seminars to continuously monitor the work of the instructors and the progress of the children.
Algorithmics platform helps the teacher analyze the individual progress of the children in the group.
What time do I need to come to the lesson?
Offline: Please come 10-15 minutes before the lesson starts. Turn on your computer with your teacher or classmates, log in to the platform, and get ready.

Online: Please log in to the platform 2-3 minutes before the lesson starts.
What should parents do during the lesson?
An environment where your child can concentrate on the lesson is important. Of course, you can visit both online and offline, so please make your own judgment.
When can I join the courses?
You can apply and register at any time. Enrollments are open year round.
How often are classes held?
Weekdays or Saturdays and Sundays, once a week x 4 times a month.
During vacation periods such as summer vacation, we also offer short-term intensive special courses, so we will inform you each time.
How old can I join?
We offer courses from 5 to 17 years old (kindergarten to high school students).
Is it okay if I have no programming experience?
No worries! Our certified tutors support students depending on their skills.
How much is the lesson fee?
Online: 45 minutes 3,000 yen, 90 minutes 4950 yen
Offline: 45 minutes 3,500 yen, 90 minutes 5950 yen
* Taxes included

Course and lesson duration varies, so please see "Courses" section for details.
In what language are the lessons conducted?
The classes are conducted in English.
If you need assistance in Japanese, please feel free to contact us.
* A Japanese language course is scheduled to start later this year, so we will inform you again on this site.
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